Feb 2, 2015

Society6 Shop Announcement!

Gather around, boys and girls, I’ve got news for you!

Out of nothing other than morbid curiosity and perverse desire to fail as a businessman I’ve set up my little shop of horrors at Society6. I’m now rummaging through my pics, trying to find those less porn-y ones (you see how this might pose a challenge) suitable for printing on stuff that won’t immediately out you as a gay cartoons loving serial killer my follower.

So, if you, gentle readers, have ever thought ‘Gosh, that Randy’s obscene drawing with dicks would look positively lovely on my throw pillow’, today’s not your day. I sell neither dicks nor throw pillows. Society6 keeps suggesting you print my pics on kids clothes, though, but I advice you don’t, because it bloody weirds me out.

On the bright side, you can order prints, t-shirts and other apparel, cases, skins, and mugs. They’re unfortunately penis-free, but there’s Captain America with his boxers around ankles, that has to count for something, right?

Anyway, I’ve no idea how it all works, but apparently you can get free worldwide shipping (that does not apply to framed prints and stretched canvases), if you click on a link below. This promo expires February 8, 2015 at Midnight Pacific Time, so, I dunno, run, run like a wind, or something.

Oh, the link, right. This one: society6.com/randymeeks

And now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

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