Aug 11, 2013

Short Circuit, an Avengers Fanfic

Steve/Tony, M-rated, slash (duh)


All was quiet and still around Tony Stark – a rare occurrence in and of itself – apart from one tiny bit of quasi-magnetic turbo-accelerator that didn't really care for what Tony wanted it to do. This minor disobedience on behalf of a god-damned circuit begged to be dealt with immediately – and that's what got Tony Stark leaning over Steve's kitchen table with what instruments he had on him, focused entirely on eradicating any and all rebellious parts from his technological realm.

Seriously, that was personal now. Nothing should ever glitch in Tony's toys – well, at least not in public, because come on, it's one thing to hit the ceiling of your own lab while testing your new suit, and completely another to make a fool of yourself mid-flight above one of the biggest cities on this planet.

“Though did Brooklyn really count?” thought Tony.

Pacific Rim's Newt

Aug 9, 2013

Under the Blanket, an Avengers Fanfic

Awkward confessions time!
I not only draw smut, I'm also dipping my toes into slash fanfiction pool. There, I said it. You are welcome.

So here goes.

Fandom: Avengers (Marvel cinematic universe)
Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Genre: Romance, humour, though I'm not saying you'll neccesarily laugh, smut, slash, graphic sex, you've been warned, I don't know how to write disclaimers
I own nothing, Jon Snow


“I can either put it into your mouth or your butt.”

“Excuse me?” Thinking cold made him hear things, Steve pulled the blanket down a bit and peeked cautiously at Tony.