Jul 7, 2011

Xander, Angel and Spike

One night Xander Harris had a dream - a really nasty one.
He was wearing nothing but a leather harness, standing on his knees between naked Angel and Spike. Their hard cocks were throbbing next to Xander's mouth, and in no time he found himself sucking them. Angel and Spike nearly gagged Xander shoving dicks deeper into his mouth, but that only turned him on even more. Xander felt his mouth fill with Spike's cum when Angel came right on his face...
Xander woke up in the dead of night covered in sweat an his own jizz, breathing heavily, smile broad on his face.


  1. This is amazing! can you make some more with Angel, Spike, and Xander? Maybe with some other characters from Buffy and Angel as well?

  2. You MUST do more Buffy! This is absolutely fantastic.

  3. How about them in different combinations of characters, maybe a little DP of Xander?