Jul 29, 2011

Captain America's Gratuituos Cock Shot

Okay, here's drunk Captain America almost naked and demanding YOU to give him a blowjob. Or maybe it's just some random ComicCon nerd dressed up as the first avenger, but who cares - he's sooo well endowed.

Jul 26, 2011

Shaggy Cums In Freddie's Ass

Behold more steamy Scooby sex!
Another hot afternoon in another cheap motel, stained sofa and an old gay porn magazine in a bathroom. Perfect place for Shag to fuck Fred on the floor, in the ass, no condom, sweaty 70s style! Add a little kinky flavor with a ball gag, Shag, and shove your cock right in!

Jul 24, 2011

Riverdale High School Reunion

"Gee, Archie, you are all grown up now!" Jughead exclaimed when he stumbled into Archie at a high school reunion. "So manly with this beard and stuff!"
"Wait till you see me naked, man," Archie replied with a look thet made Jughead blush and get instantly hard. "Let's go find ourselves a place more private, and I'll show you some tricks I learned in college."
"Ooh, that sounds nasty!" said Jughead.
"You have no idea, Jughead. Come on, I fucking missed you so much... And missed fucking you, too!"

Jul 15, 2011

Jul 9, 2011

Mal Fucks Jayne

One lonely night on 'Serenity' Mal and Jayne have a little too much to drink... Captain's pants seem to get tighter than ever - and they end up naked together in Jayne's bunk. Moaning, sweating and fucking.

Jul 7, 2011

Xander, Angel and Spike

One night Xander Harris had a dream - a really nasty one.
He was wearing nothing but a leather harness, standing on his knees between naked Angel and Spike. Their hard cocks were throbbing next to Xander's mouth, and in no time he found himself sucking them. Angel and Spike nearly gagged Xander shoving dicks deeper into his mouth, but that only turned him on even more. Xander felt his mouth fill with Spike's cum when Angel came right on his face...
Xander woke up in the dead of night covered in sweat an his own jizz, breathing heavily, smile broad on his face.

Jul 2, 2011

Jughead Jones Jerks Off

One might ask 'How does Jughead spend this hot summer days?'
Well, the answer is simple. Jughead Jones gets naked, takes a lube and jerks his cock dreaming of wild gay sex with Archie Andrews. Even one finger up his virgin ass hurts as hell and all Jughead's body shivers when he imagines how much pain will Archie cause fucking him. So he puts two fingers in and shoots the biggest load.