Apr 26, 2011

Fred fom Scooby Doo Naked

Fred. Buff, naked and hard, posing for Shaggy.


  1. HHHHOOOOTTTT!!!! Fred Jones is a true HUNK

  2. he's very hot! are videos also available?
    please anyone send me the links at royalrathorevsr@rediffmail.com

  3. i just cummed reply if u did 2 :)

  4. Goood job. It doesn't destroy my childhood but rather makes my child hood (and adulthood) dreeams come true! You should reward yourself by making 81/2 by 11 photos suitable for framing of Fred for sale. ask for checks and money orders before you send the photos out and you won't be incurring up front expenses.

    also if you really want to disturb childhood memories - how about Shaggy having sex with Scooby Doo wiith a big doggy hard on. Either Shaggy or Fred giving Scooby a blow job would be great!