Jan 31, 2011

Archie Fucks Jughead

Whenever Jughead wants a burger, Archie is there to put his meat between Jughead's buns.
I mean, he fucks Jughead. In the ass. Just to be clear. Archie puts his erect penis into Jughead's anus. I'm not good at making sex euphemisms.

Jan 30, 2011

Aragorn Jerks Off to Hobbits Ass Fucking

He either has a foot fetish or really likes watching Frodo stick his dick into Sam's tight hobbit butt.

Fred Blows Shaggy (and a Villainous Guy in Rubber Suit)

A scene of Fred and Shaggy having a gay threesome with a costumed villain raises... erm... raises a question. Is it appropriate to yell 'Zoiks!' when you can't hold it any more and cum misses your friend's mouth?
There's also a joke about putting rubbers on when fucking in here somewhere.

Batman and Robin

Did it ever cross your mind that Robin might actually be the top in this relationship?